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Speaking of heals, I am now Lvl 24 on my Sith Sorcerer and also appreciate the value of it. From what I hear, sorcerers are not ideally suited for healers, even if fully specced, compared to healers of other classes. Where the sorcerer DOES have an advantage, however, is the Static Barrier (dubbed the "Bubble"), which to my thinking is just as effective if not more so than straight healing. Better to resist damage than to heal it but keep taking it, eh?

The Bubble comes in especially handy as it's an instant power, whereas my two healing powers (I am specced for DPS, not healing, so that's all I get, other than a self only heal) have activation times. Party member low on health? POOF instant bubble, and now I have enough time to activate some heals.

I really love my Sorcerer (I'm speccing Madness Tree). You got some great area DPS abilities, some great single target DPS abilities, lots of crowd control, the healing + Bubble synergy, AND a tanky companion.

Plus in every game I play, the "evil wizard" type is always my preferred choice. >

Of course, I suck in PvP, not because of the class, but because of my own poor twitch reflexes lol. I've seen a Lvl 11 Sorcerer be Unbeatable in a PvP vs. much high level players, so. xD

About crafting, I eventually just gave up on Artifice. It's too much of a grind. Constantly gathering or buying materials, having to keep sending crew to craft, reverse engineering the results till I get a schematic, etc. Bleh. I'll just buy good stuff if I really need it. And quest rewards + commendations are usually plenty good by themselves. Besides, I hear that at Lvl 50, the best loot is like PvP rewards or drops or something.

I wish I could twink my Sorcerer, but my other character is only Lvl 31, so soon my Sith is gonna be caught up! :O
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