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Originally Posted by Al_Ciao View Post
Of course, I suck in PvP, not because of the class, but because of my own poor twitch reflexes lol. I've seen a Lvl 11 Sorcerer be Unbeatable in a PvP vs. much high level players, so. xD
That's not so crazy. Certain classes, Sniper included, tend to be beasts at low level. With bolstering their damage and such is put on par with higher level attacks, and they aren't distracted by having 30 different abilities to maintain, so they just keep pumping it with a few hard-hitting abilities. My Sniper was a wrecking ball in the teens too.

PvP gear at low levels can be good in PvE. They're easy oranges. My Sniper had the level 20 PvP set that both looked cool and had great stats for PvE. My Vanguard used the level 40 pvp set, and similarly was great in both PvE and looking sexy. Feel free to get some pieces, "easy" epics. Even the expertise weapons from the pvp weapons vendor are good since even outside the expertise they tend to have better stats/damage than most weapons of their level(about on par with flashpoint drops and less random luck on getting). My Trooper uses PvP blaster rifles, and my Agent uses a PvP sniper rifle, and my Agent gears Kaliyo with a PvP pistol.

PvP gear's really not that terrible for PvE if you don't have anything great from flashpoints. Equivalent level flashpoint drops may be better, but if you aren't running many flashpoints, the gear will easily outclass the greens and blues you get from planet questing.

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