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I am paying close attention because i have a ways to go still to prepare for the end game...thanks for the info on this, i too wondered if it is possible to buy better gear as XP does not seem to make much differnece much as gear.

And yes i had the unhappy and unwelcome opportunity to taste PVP yesterday, i was stopped near an IMP camp on Alderan checking the map and my companion wandered off and attacked a PVP Sith and her huge monster of a compaoin some kind of huge troll. So they happily attacked the hell out of me inspite of my asking them to stop. Twice. I was very pissed. I did not realize you could be flagged by that happening as i was NOT buffing anyone or attacking anyone myself. But now i know. And now i know i wont be doing PVP EVER. I hated that. I mostly like the story and the exploring. But we will see if i survive to 50, and all of these levels of elite gear are a mystery to me still.

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