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Balmorran Canyons

"Before we fought, he asked for me to kill him. And during the fight, I've seen him hesitate numerous times. I think he could be controlled by Voleran. And you said soldiers at the HQ? Maybe he controlled them too?"

You have failed me Sevairis. For that, you will die a very painful death. You were a fool to try and challenge me, to try to drive me from your mind. I expected much more effort from a member of the Dark Council.

No...This body is mine...THIS BODY IS MINE!

What is this?!

The dark council member was able to momentarily drive the presence away before focusing on the severe pain he was feeling from the lightsaber that was pinning him to the ground. Instead of driving it away, he embraced it, forged it into a shield to protect himself from the bizzare presence that had taken control of him.

Your shield will not last long fool. You won't be able to resist me for long. The moment it falters I will return.

Not this time...There is always a way out.

Sevairis couldn't move but he could speak. He knew he would have to speak quickly if he wanted to inform the group of what needed to be said.

" not the controller." he whispered painfully. "The dark figure is a threat to all...controls everyone he comes in contact with. The dark council...sensed his power, sent me to fight him. But he was far too powerful. Voleran is essental to his plans, corrupted the solders at the republic base."

Sevairis could feel the shield around his mind begining to weaken as the other presence tried to force its way past the mental shield. "I...was forced to come to Balmorra to kill you. To stop you from interfering in his plans. He considers you a threat to his plans."

He looked down at the lightsabers that were at his throat and he knew that either they would kill him or the dark presence fighting to get inside his mind would.

He reached out with his free hand and grabbed Varik's hand and concentrated for just a moment and he sent him a mental image of the system that he had traveled to so he could confront the mysterious force user. He hoped that the jedi would recieve his message and understand the coordinates that he had sent.

He looked over at his lightsaber which was laying on the ground a few feet away from him and tried to summon it to his hand but found that trying to keep the other presence away was taking all of his concentration.

"Please...if left unchecked he will take control of everything. Find Voleran...and stop him. He is the key to stopping the dark figure."

He laid his head back against the ground and sighed painfully as the other presence continued to hammer at his mental shield which was very close to shattering.
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