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TOR ate my KotOR
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Sorry no XP is just as important as gear. Level gets you abilities, gear enhances these abilities. A opening for a jedi watchman sentinel is Force Leap + Overload Saber -> Zealous Strike -> Cauterize -> Merciless Slash -> Master Strike -> Force Camo. That is deadly even in fresh 50 gear, but with my gear and luck of hitting a crit that is over 2000 dps on a elite (plus a dead elite). However, if I just had my gear and not those abilities then I betting the dps of using strike over and over even in that gear would be closer to 700 dps or less.

Gear is important, gear can make up for a players lack of skill, but gear does not outshine abilities and neither gear or abilities outshine player skill. There are no shortcuts, there is more than one way to play. You can play, by leveling and having fun and not taking the game so serious or you can only worry about gear and numbers, I play somewhere in between, I know it is against Lynk's rule, but I play for fun. I take my raids serious and I get rather upset at times, but only at myself. I don't want to let down the group. However, when someone else causes the wipe i do not get upset (unless it was lynk's fault ). Seriously we all make mistakes, it is a game and no big deal, however I work on my healer abilities and gear plus read tips and suggestions, not because I am obsessed with the game, but because I am a member of a team and I do not want to let them down. So it is work, but it is fun work to me.

Originally Posted by CrisG View Post
I And yes i had the unhappy and unwelcome opportunity to taste PVP yesterday, i was stopped near an IMP camp on Alderan checking the map and my companion wandered off and attacked a PVP Sith and her huge monster of a compaoin some kind of huge troll. So they happily attacked the hell out of me inspite of my asking them to stop. Twice. I was very pissed. I did not realize you could be flagged by that happening as i was NOT buffing anyone or attacking anyone myself. But now i know. And now i know i wont be doing PVP EVER. I hated that. I mostly like the story and the exploring. But we will see if i survive to 50, and all of these levels of elite gear are a mystery to me still.
You get to close to the imp base, you get flagged. Watch there will be a red warning both in the middle of the screen and in chat window with count down. Your companion attacked because you were flagged and she/he got aggroed. Also the sith could not see your chat, unless you used /yell.

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