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i have to get this off my chest...i see this argument time&time again.for the people that seem for what reason i have no idea to think that yoda lost to sidious is ridicules!yoda walked into the senate room talks some smack to sidious gets took by surprise with a blast of force lighting,recovers plays a little posum gets up bam!! force push sidious looen like the fool gets throw across the room looks at yoda wow didnt see or think you had that kind of blast behind that force push,says to himself to hell with this no time got go.yoda oh hh no you don't blocks his path,then lightsabers are brought to bare they look to be the equal of one another,if not yoda being the aggressor and pushing sidious into the some point we never get to see yoda disarm sidious maybe we will in the animated clone wars last seasonfrom there the high ground is now sidious major advantage but even so yoda manages to elude&climb his way back up before stoping a pod and sending it back at can just read sidious face,wow this guy is becoming a real pain in my ass.....yoda force jumps the remaining distance to the last senate pod with lightsaber at the ready or so he thought..if theres one thing sidious does have over yoda its that insane dark side lighting with power 2nd to none!!yoda ever the wiseman just absorbs it, with much effort i most say but no the less again baffles sidious push it back at him like here this is yours better luck next time palps... BAM the explosion forces them both apart and the only reason palps stays on is because hes inside the pod yoda the is this an ass kicking?draw
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