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Yes, I'm playing a Level 25 Sorcerer Loving it.

I'm actually not speccing Corruption, so I won't be getting Revivification (that's the top level Corruption power, right?) If you mean the Level 50 power that all Sorcerers auto-get at Lvl 50, I understood that to be the same as a Revive, except it can be used in combat?

As preferred status, I only have two quickbars, and as a person with poor twitch reflexes, I have trouble just managing those! So I'm trying to juggle which powers I use. I've taken both of my saber strikes completely off, as well as Consumption, since I almost never run out of Force. (I took the tier 1 Lightning tree skill points that give me +100 Force, and am going to be taking the ones that make area Force powers cost less.)

I've run low on Force two or three times, and both times I barely managed to keep the group alive, due to my Force regenerating quickly enough that I could pop a few Bubbles and heal. So it was close, but we scraped by with no one dying. I may have to reconsider putting Consumption back on a quickbar tho, at least for groups.
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