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thanks for the input on equipment and skill Mim and for the tips on PVP , i made the mistake, and paid for it. As for the other player they were enjoying themselves and prob thought i was a whimp because i ran away, and kept trying to run. I guess they got a kick out of killing me anyway. I didnt enjoy it but will be sure to be more careful in the future. So i learned and am not complaining. that is a side of the game i dont play and dont plan to. Like you i like to have fun and explore. thanks for all the help you have given me.

I went shopping at Fleet to try to get better gear for my Doctor but there was noting available in the vendors that was even close to as good as what he already has. So i just got someting from the Cartel market instead. I was going to try to add mods to some of my own equipment but the work table kept saying i needed some kind of enhahnacemnt slot to add stuff and i couldnt find it for sale anywhere so skilled that too.

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