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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
He's tied to the story of Lucas.
He is tied to the story that Lucas made a treatment of that Arndt has written the screenplay for... but the director is the one who dictates how it's told regardless of what the writers have written. The reason why a director is seen as the most important part of the movie is because they end up shaping the very style of the movie itself (aside from the person/people doing the music), even if you have specific talented people working on the movie too who have their own style of doing things, the director is the one that still calls the shots in the direction the movie goes.

I'm not too thrilled about Abrams as director, I hope this turns out to be a really crappy rumour that isn't true... but if he is director, I'm hope I'm wrong and he's all like "TO HELL WITH ALL THIS GREENSCREEN! LET'S DO THIS ALL PRACTICALLY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!" and turns out to do an awesome job with the movie.

After all, I don't WANT it to suck. I just have no confidence in Abrams. Hopefully I'm wrong and the people happy about him directing are right. |

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