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i really need to stop thinking about the future and especially about relationships. it's ****ing with my head. why can't i just be happy for once i got everything that i ****ing wanted, i'm HERE damn it. maybe its cause i am 29 and single and also i think part of me is pissed cause it's been almost a year since i got dumped by my fiance, plus ****ing valentines day is coming up and that's about the time i got dumped, and just reflecting on that, my age, no chance in hell with any girls i know cause they're all taken or are sluts...

3 things that am am thankful for...

being here
student loan getting paid off in next 3 months
video game time

Battle is a pure form of expression. It is heart and discipline, reduced to movement and motion. In battle, the words are swept away, giving way to actions-- mercy, sacrifice, anger, fear. These are pure moments of expression.
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