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yes i was trying to add mods to the augmentation slots but coulnd find where to get that augmentation item that is required...if you try to add a mod say to pants or shooes or belt, you see a pop up saying you need this little thingy and it costs 1000 creds I have the credit but didnt have the thingy and coulndt find it in the shopping mall on there somethere else to get it?

i am trying to get any edge i can by upping my protection, i find that the quests are pretty much tailored to be about 25 - 50 percent out of reach of your main character no matter how carefully you upgrade your equipment with what you get from drops and i havent found any gear that is better than what i have for sale...but i will try the Galactic Trade Network, was a bit shy about that.

i did have a problem in the Fleet last time i was there, some jerks kept parking their oversized speeders in top of me so i couldnt see anyting and then moving and doing it agian if i moved. I know it was griefing and there are trolls in any game but i had not had this unpleasant experience before. Had hoped to not see it here but i guess it is inevitable.

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