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Originally Posted by Miltiades View Post
Not all legacy gear is class-specific. The stuff you get from the Legacy vendors are and if you get them, you would for aesthetic purposes. The Legacy gear from events, for example, can be equipped by anyone (the Sandpeople Bloodguard armor, to name one).
Okay, yeah, only have experience with the vendor items.
Did get one that's good for my lvl 15 Sith Maurader (from my Consular run) but can't see any reason to pass it to another char, since it's all tied to Sith Warriors.

Second; Tried using that expertise gear. Some of was even better than my regular gear (armband especially sucks always) so they'll stay, but other gear will get swapped since I want my +power instead of armor. Didn't seem to matter a whole bunch, some could still kill me in a few hits, and never die. Also still curious to see the "bumped to lvl 49" icon on my char in lvl 50 pvp. :/
I guess I need better gear but looking at the vendors everything is purple and thus, unusable. 2500 recommendations, but what to spend it on?

Talking about that, is the only thing you can buy for Tionese Crystals a lockbox? I bought it, then sold it on the GTN for 22K credits. Or do they have any other use?

Lastly, on aforementioned Maurader did some space battles, and about 80% of the VO is... female. Is that a bug, or is it supposed to be Mission (Vette)? Doesn't quite sound like her...
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