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FOC Steam Rogue Squadron Glitch

Hey all, I was playing the 55 planet Galactic conquest against my brother.

He got the Second Death Star, and when I went to look for Rogue Squadron (not sure how long after he got it I went to look), they were gone. So, I was beating him up until that point, and he proceeds to destroy every planet in the galaxy. All of them. Talk about ruthless.

I attacked the death star without Rogue group of course, and wiped out his whole navy with it, but it didn't die of course since I had no rogue group. He did have some ships left at alderaan, but it's hard whittling him down.

My question is, if the Rebellion somehow takes every system, and then at the last place the death star is at, the rebellion wins the battle, can the rebellion win? Or is the game just the Death star going around system to system until the rebels run out of money?

My second question is whether or not rogue group's disappearance was a glitch. My brother does not recall bounty hunting them. I think I did lose them at a tactical battle at one point but am not sure.
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