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Just browsing through the SW wiki (Wookiepedia is it?) The Emperor's spirit lives on after the OT and takes over new bodies. I haven't read any book involving a Skywalker or associate character of one (The Solos?) so i'm not entirely sure if what I just said is entirely true.
that's the trick to immortality that darth plagieus the wise passed onto sidious ^^ no one truly knows the age of palpatine, in theory he could be hundreds of years old by the time of the clone wars.

mara jade (for dark jedi assasin for lord vader) meets luke, she leaves the empire, they fall in love, they have kids

han and liea have kids, then the story revolves around them battling against the different sects of the empire run by different Moff's, a lot of infighting whilst the rebels gain ground..

very interesting read.. but that is just off of the top of my head.
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