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I rediscovered this pdf recently, and I took the time to work out the overlapping paragraphs (after "Manny doubles back to the car, reaches into Olivia's pile of flowers and finds his gun, then ... ... Ouch!").
It took a few hours of drawing over letters in Paint - or to be more precise, copying over letters from elsewhere on the page, changing their colour so I could overlap them and try and work out what was underneath.

One paragraph reads:
"Maybe Hector and you could have a showdown, like in Heat, and it's really a clue, like
you see his shadow or a sunflower shaking, and that's how you know where to shoot. And
then, blam, blam, Hector's dead. Manny's a hero! Wooo! Great ending, man!"
The other reads:
"Something really cool happens that's too hard to explain. I could do it right now,
but it would involve traveling through time, finding out the answer, and coming back.
Although I'm pretty cool, I still can't do that. No matter how much I want to."

Soli Deo Gloria
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