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having money is ****ing great. bought a new pair of shoes, and a 2 terabyte hard drive. and still have money in the bank and getting paid tomorrow. hell yeah.

so far the cool things i bought here:

xbox 360 -$300
hdmi cable for it $40
metal gear solid hd collection $30
nikon digital camera $150
helmet camcorder $100
2 terabyte hard drive $120
new pair of running shoes $120

god knows what else i'll buy when im here. so far i dont need anything else that costs money!

plus...all my bills are gonna be paid off by may, only stuff i gotta pay is my student loan, car insurance, and rent. rent is hardly anything lol. then i just gotta save my money for when i get home, going on a week vacation with my friends and then either back to college or onto the better life; active duty. we'll see about the active duty though since they freezed hiring, but since im already on active duty orders, it may be easier to get in. im really hoping so cause this is what i really want to do, though i can get away with my little apartment and getting paid to go to school, i just dont see the point when i can do better for myself and my country. but eh, national guard does have many options for active duty status, but my fear is not being able to do my mos scout stuff, or having to reclass.

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