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I'm back, at least part time.

Well, it's been a long time since I've been here to post anything. Over the past year, my wife and I looked long for a new house, and finally found a great one. Unfortunately, we got a bad storm here a month after moving in, and got some water in the basement. Not enough to ruin anything, but we had to do some construction to make sure it doesnt' ever happen again (mostly outdoor grading, re-doing sidewalks and finding back flow prevention valves). Anyway, there's still some to work on, but I've at least had time to also work on some modding lately.

Unfortunately, the only things I've managed to work on, would be way too spoilery to show any screenies. I've posted a pic in the RoR Team Members social group. Hopefully, some of the team could check it out, and let everyone else know just how awesome it looks **maniacal laugh**

Now, do I have the time to look through all the new pages that the great fans of RoR have posted since I've been gone? Hmm, maybe I should sleep instead.

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