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While I largely agree with you, I will point out both sides are doing manipulation and fear mongering to advanced their agenda.

I also think is disingenuous to point that gun control will does stop all violent crimes, when the same can be said about armed security does not stop these type of rampages. Nothing will stop crazies from killing if their mind is set on mass murder. The best you can hope for is limiting the number of victims while hoping your solution does not put more people in harm’s way.

Guns are not going away in this country, no matter what the extremist from either side tell you. Both parties love their gun too much, but that does not mean those in the middle of the debate can’t do things to ensure guns stay out of certain peoples (that are a known danger to themselves and others hands). Personally I would like to see guns take a little more effort to purchase than buying a BigMac. It is not invading someone's rights under the 2nd amendment to force them to be what the already should be in owning a gun, a responsible gun owners, with rights comes responsibilities.

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