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I agree it should not be overly complicated, what I think should be stopped is people legally buy guns and then selling them to criminals, so a gun owner should be responsible for their gun, if your gun is "stolen" then you should have to report it to the police or face the consequences when it is used by some criminal killing someone in Chicago (or anywhere else). Let face it, people that buy guns for profit to sale to people that can not legally purchase a weapon are not only breaking federal laws today, but are also aiding and abetting for whatever crime their weapon is used for. However, they use their get out of jail card, it was stolen and profit from the blood money. Close that loop hole, but as far as I am concern the NRA is aiding and abetting because they want to protect the criminal activity.

Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Keep in mind Lanza actually couldn't get a firearm. So he stole one.
He took a gun that he had regular access to from his mother. In this case, I would say the mother is responsible for giving easy access to a gun, her punishment did not fit the crime though, she paid with her life for her irresponsibility. Too bad, her irresponsibly gun ownership cost others their lives.

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