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University project about video game, I need you !

I want to carry out a survey about adventure point and click video games for a university project on video games. Within this study, I would like to describe the history of that kind of video games, show its mechanics, but also create a sociological profile of its gamers. That is why I created this questionnaire.

Firstly, what is an adventure point and click video game? It is a type of video game created in the 80ís, based on a very easy gameplay (we just have to click on several element on the screen), and the goal of that genre of video game is to finish a story, by resolving some puzzles or enigmas. We can refers to several examples, as Maniac Mansion (Lucasfilm games, 1987), Myst (Cyan, 1994) or the Saga of the Secret of Monkey Island (Lucasart, 1990).

This questionnaire is for all, not just the fan of adventure point and click games. In fact, to creat a sociological profile of the adventure gamer, I need a referencial: the other gamers. So, everybody can participate. The questioner is quite short, it will take you just few minutes to complete it, and I really need your answers to finish my university project.

All the data are anonymous, and will be used just for my survey. Also, if you have questions, you can join me at the address:

Thank you to help my in this project,
Mehdi Bennis, Erasmus university student in the Charles University of Prague.

PS: If you find this questioner or other forums, donít answer it twice, it would distort my data. Thanks!
PPS: PNC = Adventure point and click video game; Autre = Other (in French).

The link to the questionnaire is HERE

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