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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
I am on that because the NRA is against requiring people to report stolen guns. Someone buys a gun for someone, it is used in a murder, police trace it back to person that bought it, they say it was stolen and case is done. That is way the system works now. Chicago is trying to get this changed, but the NRA is against it.

As to your friend, I am against that still, but for another reason. If he did what a reasonable person would have done in protecting his weapons and they were still stolen and he reported them stolen, then I would be against him not being able to purchasing more guns. Hell, he probably actually needs them for protection more than the rest of us and he did nothing wrong to have one of his rights taken away. He was responsible and others violated his rights, then government should not step in and further remove his rights. Only thing the 3 times would do is make more people not report stolen weapons until the police knocked on the door.
And I said it was a compromise. You inferred it was NOT a compromise. Hence why I'm a little peeved at your response that supplanted the NRA stance over mine. I may be a member of the NRA, but that does not mean that I agree with everything they say. And I write them to tell them when I disagree. I disagree on their "NO" stance on background checks on all firearm sales. I disagree on not requiring persons to report stolen firearms. Though I agree in that I feel that we SHOULD be able to have any small arms that can be used to defend ourselves(note that does not extend to portable nukes, as even if you could CCW a nuke, you cannot use it to defend yourself from an attacker). US V Miller states we cannot have arms that have no military use, yet we are limited to not being able to use firearms that are used by the military?

Actually I believe that if you have those firearms stolen 3 times you must be doing something wrong. One time having your safe ripped from the foundation I can understand. 3 times becomes suspicious. Maybe have a timeframe. 3 times in a year? I mean if you end up setting up a method for allowing the straw buyers to set up a "Steal from me" house, then you have the same problem.

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