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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Actually I believe that if you have those firearms stolen 3 times you must be doing something wrong. One time having your safe ripped from the foundation I can understand. 3 times becomes suspicious. Maybe have a timeframe. 3 times in a year? I mean if you end up setting up a method for allowing the straw buyers to set up a "Steal from me" house, then you have the same problem.
not always true... Let be honest certain area in the Nation like certain neighborhoods you are 10000 times more likely to shot yourself than to ever be robed or murdered by someone outside your family or friends. The only reason to have a weapon there is to for sports, hunting or to make up for other inadequacies in someone's life.

However, some live in neighborhoods that have extremely high crime rates where having a weapon could mean the difference between life and death. So I am not willing to take away someone right to defend their home just because they live in a bad neighborhood. Sorry look at the statics once your home is robed once, if they got some good stuff they are very likely to come back in a few months after you had a chance to collect from the insurance company and replace the items. Someone has a safe, has it locked, I am not willing to tell them they lost the right to defend their family. I work in the insurance industry and any adjustor will tell people once they are burglarized to expect a return trip. We are in the business to make money so if we had a easy answer for this problem, we would definitely tell our policy holders.

I am sick in tired of criminals and stupid people doing stupid stuff and then forcing changes that make the innocent suffer. Just like the stupidest thing ever the 1,000,000 plus people on the watch list because a few idiot flew planes into buildings.

Gun stolen report it, no problem....Gun stolen don't report it, gun used in crime traced back to you, go to jail for aiding and abetting. Jail time depended on what crime was committed. No ifs ands or buts. Detectives are not stupid, someone constantly reports thefts that were not thefts they will see the pattern and they are already laws on the books to handle that. No new acts of congress or presidential orders need to fix that. Police just need to have their hands untied and given the ability to enforce the laws.

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