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Sorry if I'm nagging, but now I have a different problem. I entered a few songs into the list in ambientmusic.2da, I copied and renamed the tracks to the streammusic folder, I extracted each and every one of the .GIT files for the levels and changed the values for the MusicNight tracks, and since the MusicDelay was bugging me a bit, a set it to 0 in every .git file. Now when I'm ingame, for every level except the Taris South apartments, the MusicNight track for the area ALWAYS PLAYS FIRST, and it repeats at least 5-6 times before it switches to the MusicDay track for the area. In the South Apartments though, it only plays the MusicNight track once, then stops. After about 30 minutes, it starts playing the MusicDay track, ONLY ONCE and then stops. Same for switching back to the MusicNight track.

My question is, is there some kind of way to control how many times the tracks repeat before switching to the alternate track for the area? Some kind of code maybe? Or something?
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