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@mim: You make a good point. But how do we give the police the power to arrest the people they know are straw buyers. Of course universal registration might work, but I would demand that any registration information be SEALED except as required in an investigation requiring a warrant for that information. I don't want the Journal news advertising where all the guns are. Granted, in Texas, that would look like they painted the map red.

@xavier: You fail to take in to account that in the US guns were used for defensive purposes(on the lowest estimate) roughly 700,000 times per year. In those murder statistics(which are actually not the murder statistics, but homicides, including Justified homicides) the majority are gang violence. I believe it's 75%(again on the low estimate). We have 20 times the number of heavy population centers as in the UK. AND your violent crime and crimes against women have gone up sharply since the banning of firearms(our rape has gone down 6% England and wales had gone up 11%). The majority of mass killings have occurred in areas that were labeled "Gun Free" with nobody to enforce it. If guns were the problem, why hasn't there been a mass shooting at a gun show? Removing guns from an area can work, but you have to have someone armed to enforce it. Like at the airport.

Do you truly think you can remove guns from a society that was founded on guns? We have by low estimates over 300,000,000 firearms(using 0's to show how large that number really is) in the US. We have 90,000,000 legal firearm owners(again a very low estimate). A firearm is a relatively simple machine. I can make one in a shop in about 2 hours(4 if I want to make a semiautomatic, 6 to make an automatic. Give me about 36 hours and I can actually manufacture a fully functioning M4). And that's to make one that fires gunpowder rounds. A lethal air rifle is not that hard to manufacture either.

Guns are an equalizer. They make a 90 lb woman able to beat a 200 lb man.

Also, it was the Brady Campaign(anti-gun group) that pointed out that most firearms used in massacres(which they called 2 or more people dead, including the shooter) were gained illegally. Generally through people lieing on their application. Oh that's right it's a crime to do that.

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." Thomas Jefferson

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