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as you said, the country was founded using weaponry and guns were used for defensive purposes to defend the freedom the country once had, which, n turn, didn't last very long until a centre of government was formed, effectively taking most senses of the word of freedom, away.

freedom isn't free, as they say.

all past tenses, guns are tools for killing, nothing more, nothing less. sure they can be used as a deterrent, but that only goes so far, arming everyone just makes everything ergh.. uncivilised.

we can throw figures at each other, but they are just figures, they neglect to take into consideration a varity of other factors, education, employment, drugs, alcohol. America has one of the worst gun crimes in the world, the uk has a pretty bad violence related to alcohol issue..

equal rights does not mean giving a weak person a gun and giving a strong person a gun, that is just barbaric.
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