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Originally Posted by Q View Post
It's more than a little hypocritical that the same administration that thought it was a good idea to "gunwalk" thousands of assault weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels wants to prohibit legal ownership of the same type of weapons by law-abiding American citizens.
Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
No, that actually fits the idea that the firearms were able to be legally purchased here in the US by people who could pass the NICS check. What's hypocritical is that this administration sent Arms to Libyan Rebels but thinks we shouldn't be able to purchase the same arms they GAVE AWAY.
I'm guessing that the Libya move was considered beneficial to US foreign policy.
As for the Mexican Cartel move, everybody likes drugs right?

In regards to how any of that affects a US citizens gun rights, it doesn't in the governments eyes I imagine.

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