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Originally Posted by Q View Post
When a government doesn't have a problem with breaking its own laws, it's time for that government to be replaced by one that does, and that's what the gun control issue is all about, really.
Sorry no, that is what people want to say, but even if you had machine guns, tanks.... you are not taking down a government that spends more on defense than the other 13 countries in the world with guns people have in their home. Fortunately the founding fathers thought of that and gave us another method of change the government, less deadly too. VOTE. Sorry the American people seem to vote against most of your ideas, but other people have their own opinions.

So Q. beside my petty misplace use of words, do you agree with Tommycat that you are less likely to be killed with a gun involved than involved in a death involving a car and impaired driver or are you just trying to cherry pick to and take the discussion off the real problem. Idiots that shouldn't have guns are killing people and themselves with them. I said straight off I don't want to ban guns, but you are sounding more and more like the NRA's solution give everyone a gun and let the last person standing win.

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