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Originally Posted by Xavier1985 View Post

the average policeman in the uk does not carry a gun, an armed society is an uncivilised and ignorant society.

we have armed units, just incase something is to occur (bank robbers, terrorists and the like) but they are only called when the situation requires them. To arm everyone is to live in fear, fear is not the tool of democracy.
I'm asking if the armed police officers suddenly become uncivilized simply for carrying a firearm. You seem to believe that simply having the firearm on them makes them uncivilized. I beg to differ. Or maybe we have different definitions of civilized. I tend to believe that "civil" is part of it. I have found that places that are disarmed have a greater chance of being uncivil than places that nobody knows if you are armed.
Originally Posted by Xavier1985 View Post
And the usa does have a gun control problem, 2-4 massacres per year every year screams problem to me, you try telling the parents who lost their children in the stupidly high amount of school shootings that there isn't a problem, throw what ever statistics you like, it is a way to detatch yourself from the reality, when even one child dies from a fire-arm incident, then there is a huge problem, end of.
And the emotional "for the kids" argument. Again, I point out that the firearm is NOT what causes these mass killings. How many people could he have killed if instead of a gun he used a tanker full of fuel? These parents instead would be crying over the fact that their child was so burned that the only thing left was ashes and a strip of cloth. The worst mass killing in a school in the US had NO firearms involved. The problem is that we make these schools into targets. The only thing those "Gun Free Zone" signs keep out are the sane people who wouldn't turn their guns on kids.

Again, I point out that there are no mass killings at gun shows. And don't tell me it's because they check them to make sure they are not loaded, because quite frankly that little zip tie wouldn't stop a determined killer anymore than a "Gun Free Zone" sign. Our problem is NOT the gun. With the majority of violence being gang related and drug related, I'd say that's what we should work on cleaning up.

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