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I promised myself I wouldn't get involved as it's not for us Johnny Foreigners to tell you how to solve the 'problem' of guns and gun control - though to me it seems the recent cases are more a failing of a woeful lack of intervention on the part of the mental health services, but I'll leave it at that.

Originally Posted by Xavier1985 View Post
the average policeman in the uk does not carry a gun, an armed society is an uncivilised and ignorant society.
Our population may not be armed, but we're just as uncivilised and ignorant.

Originally Posted by Xavier1985
we have armed units, just incase something is to occur (bank robbers, terrorists and the like) but they are only called when the situation requires them.
Or when the NHS need to break into your home while you're out at work to remove someone for their own safety. Oh, and they'll charge you for the privilege, too. And yes folks, that is based on a real life experience.

Originally Posted by Xavier1985
To arm everyone is to live in fear, fear is not the tool of democracy.
Have you followed any recent elections on either side of the Atlantic lately? Fear, justified or not, is used on a daily basis by those who seek to lead us.

Originally Posted by Xavier1985
And the usa does have a gun control problem, 2-4 massacres per year every year screams problem to me, you try telling the parents who lost their children in the stupidly high amount of school shootings that there isn't a problem, throw what ever statistics you like, it is a way to detatch yourself from the reality, when even one child dies from a fire-arm incident, then there is a huge problem, end of.
But it's not our problem, it's theirs, though as I say, I'm not convinced the problem starts and ends solely with gun ownership.
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