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So... people are going to see me as some brainless defender of the game just because I like it... but I have to say something.

Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2 had a tonne of day 1 DLC as well. All of it being optional stuff that was basically just different suit skins and weapon packs that had different skins too. Some of these suits tended to be more powerful than the variant you'd start off with and this was all fine. It was all optional stuff... in the 90s you'd find these kind of things as unlockables depending on what you achieved in the game like finishing it on hard mode or whatever.

NONE of this should be a surprise to anyone who looks at Dead Space 3 since they have been on the first two games to start off with.

Now, on to the micro-transactions that everyone dreads. The microtransactions are actually listed among the 11 sets of DLC that are being listed. They are NOT a separate thing as jigos is trying to make it seem.

Here's the list to clarify...

- Bot Capacity Upgrade - $4.99 (UPGRADE)
- Bot Personality Pack - $4.99 (UPGRADE/SKIN)
- First Contact Pack - Free (For folks who pre-order the game I believe) (UPGRADE/SKIN)
- Marauder Pack - $4.99 (UPGRADE/SKIN)
- Sharpshooter Pack - $4.99 (UPGRADE/SKIN)
- Tundra Recon Pack - $4.99 (UPGRADE/SKIN)
- Witness the Truth Pack - $4.99 (UPGRADE/SKIN)
- Bot Accelerator - $4.99 (UPRADE)
- Epic Weapon & Resource Pack - $2.99 (WEAPON SCHEMATICS + MICROTRANSACTION)
- Ultra Weapon & Resource Pack - $1.99 (WEAPON SCHEMATICS + MICROTRANSACTION)
- Resource Pack - $0.99 (MICROTRANSACTION)

Now, I HATE DLC. I hardly ever buy into it at all. I've never bought any of the skins for previous Dead Space games and I'm not going to start now... I'm certainly not going to buy the micro-transaction stuff either because it just gives you STUFF YOU CAN ALREADY GET IN THE GAME. It just gives it to you without you putting any effort into the game. It's a pay if you're lazy option. If you play the game normally and get the resources, you can still make everything that the weapon crafting system has to offer WITHOUT spending any real money.

So yeah... it's all stupid, it's nothing new and if you don't like it, don't buy it.

I'm perfectly happy for them to add it to the game to get free money from the idiots who do buy it because I know that it doesn't actually take away anything from the actual game. The folks at Visceral assured people that that was the case and I choose to believe them... of course, if I play the game and find out otherwise, I'll come back in here and rip Visceral and the game a new one for it. But until then, I'm going with the facts presented.

tl;dr Ya'll blowing it out of proportion (at least everyone on the net that I've seen expressing an opinion about it seems to be), it's all optional, you don't need to buy any of this stuff to get 100% out of the game. It's just a pay if you're lazy option. |

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