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Originally Posted by Al_Ciao View Post
Thanks for the breakdown! You said only Sages get any benefit from Alacrity - does this apply also to their Imp equivalents, Sorcerers?
As mim said, yes, but perhaps I should clarify, all the healing classes benefit from Alacrity, so Sage/Sorceror, Scoundrel/Operative and Commando/Mercenary. DPS classes wise, generally speaking only the DPS Sage/Sorceror gets any real use from Alacrity. It's debatable whether or not small amounts of Alacrity provide a DPS boost to other cast classes like Commandos and Gunslingers, while in theory the answer should be an obvious yes, the problem is it makes it much more difficult to manage your resource pool, and if you run out of your resource, you'd end up doing a lot less damage . Sages/Sorcs don't really have that issue.

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