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I apologise for nothing. People need to be told and if I had to use your post to do it, so be it.

But to explain what the general thing I've been seeing people say around the place, here, skype chat, other forums, herp dero... basically everything Visceral is apparently doing is new to the series and ruining it from its original roots even though, as I've said before, none of this stuff is new and people end up glorifying the original Dead Space as if it was this pure thing. Some folks go as far as saying that Dead Space was real survival horror while 2 and 3 aren't... even though Dead Space is inspired by Resident Evil 4 which wasn't really survival horror (in the oldskool way) to begin with and was very action based, Dead Space continued that in space and Dead Space 2 and 3 simply use the hardware to create more dynamic set pieces but still have the general feel of the original game.

Folks also complained about the demo, saying it was too action dudebro when other people kept on saying "it's a demo of environment pieces cut together, it's not how the final game will be, the demo's for Dead Space 1 and 2 did the same thing" but these asshats are all like "no, Dead Space is ruined forever man"

Then today I've seen posts of people who have gotten their hands on the game and now they're all relieved that the game doesn't actually have any of the bull**** things they thought it would have and people are realising that they've just been complaining over nothing this entire time.

Seriously, the amount of complaining I've seen about the game is so stupid. I mean, the marketing for the game was stupid cause 99% of it was based on attracting a new audience with a few occasional places where folks at Visceral are like "don't worry, we've made sure that existing fans of Dead Space will still get what they want out of the game too, relax, we're just trying to get more people to play the game" but everyone is all like "nah, man, you have to market to ME cause only I matter and even though I'll still buy the game, you have to market to ME ONLY"...

*looks around* whatever. *goes back to playing video games* |

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