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Originally Posted by VeniVidiVicous View Post

Isn't GTN restricted to non-F2P players though?
No, there are restrictions on F2P players, but not from using GTN, pretty sure there are restrictions to how much you can put on the GTN to sale, but that has nothing to do the purchases. However, the amount of credits a F2P player can have in their inventory would restrict them to what they could afford to purchase.

Yeah most anything, even unlocks...some really stupid unlocks too. Like having operations listed for 1 million credits, anyone that can afford the unlock does not need the unlock because they are a subscriber.

Just FYI, when using GTN a item is a item. So scroll around to find the lowest price for that idea. On somethings prices can be way out of whack. A Advanced Might Hilt 27 is a Advanced Might Hilt 27, if it is selling for 1.5 million credits or 9.5K credits it is the exact same thing, so purchase the 9.5K credit one.

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