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Reference image do you know what is it? And is XXI age not medieval.
Originally Posted by VarsityPuppet View Post
lol RPK's head model looks like shyte.

Proportions are wrong brah.

Do you even model?

Kotor 2 version please?
I modelling only for JKA, and half of models from kotor are ripped from JKA or even BF2(even SS models, for example his Millenium ).
Proportions? Proportions are good, this screen is from perspective not front image . And yes, I do model .

Originally Posted by DarthParametric View Post
I guess someone will soon be in possession of a shiny new ban.

The model is looking good SS. It was only the textures that needed a bit of a going over. The chest/knee/shoulder plates still look a little underdone to me, and the undershirt should be more grey than white (even in ESB where it appears paler than ROTJ, it's not pure white, at least not that I have seen).
Oh because i have own opinion? And is doesn't matter he do better retexture, even he fail his UV on this model.

Originally Posted by Darth Sapiens View Post
looking at your model, i have a deep urge to skin it (means its really good XD), you da man SS ! some people, *cRougPhK*, just don't understand the way our community works, we offer constructive, not destructive, criticism. we want progress not congr... you get the point XD it seriously looks really good. the textures are looking good. but, maybe some more grunge?
Without critism you can't do something. And i do understand because i too doing mods .
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