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criticism is pivotal in anything.. hence the term constructive criticism.. it is vital t anyone and everyone who wishes to progress no matter their trade.. those who take on board and adapt through the criticism gained often become the most succesful at what they do, or there abouts.. and those who ignore the advice from others usually fade away as they do not adapt and become victims of their own inadequacies.

of course, this is down to the type of criticism, quite a lot of it tends to be ignorant ramblings of a fool and court jester. So it is often wise to decipher the gem from the rubbish.

Criticism plays a major role, more so than people initially fathom and realise, governments can be broken or made on criticism, an actor's or singer's career can be defined by it and mould by it. but that is a conversation for a different thread for a different time.

i love the model and what you are ding with it, i would suggest making it darker, not in the lighting sense, but the feel, texture and overall look
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