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Ya know, when people started speculating CDP Red would announce The Witcher 3 on the 5th of February, I was rather skeptical and was expecting simply more info on the REDKit modding tool for TW2...

Well, in my face!!

CDP Red has a good track record so far, so I probably shouldn't expect anything negative of TW3, but I can't help but think that - with less than two years since TW2 was released on the PC and less than a year since the Enhanced Edition was released on both PC and XBox - it's too soon to announce the third part. Not really sure what's the rush. However, if they think they can deliver, I'm willing to check it out.

Also, here are some screenshots and posters/covers I found in this thread on their official forums:

Show spoiler

People are already speculating that the hooded figure is most likely Ciri. At the moment, I'm inclined to agree.

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