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I want bugs crushed. And even though, when I was still a sub all my reports got ignored (even the tiny text issues haven't gotten fixed)... here's another shot.

If someone wants to report this (can't since no sub anymore) either through the ingame system (copy+paste works) or the forums (link!) that would be appreciated. Hopefully BW listens for a change...

Bad ones;
* Whenever I get kicked by the server no more selection screen, but infinite loading screen.
* Doing Taral V. Getting killed after the bombing. Being spawned at the start, going all the way back, locked door, couldn't finish the flashpoint. Someone mentioned it might happen skipping bosses, but we killed all, even the bonus one.
* Containing the Beast (Belsavis daily quest). When my teammate entered the instance, my quest got reset, including the bonus (or social points gained during the initial convo). Maybe make the instances forced solo, better solution than this. Bonus (small) issue; kicking the box for the wielder has no description text.

* Helping out someone else for the Illum MQ in the Jedi Temple the messages kept getting repeated whenever I hit the trigger. They only run once for her (proper way) though.
* When still being on Balmorra, my Sith Warrior loading screen mentioned travelling to Nar Shaddaa already.
* Certain powers no longer stack their icons, meaning you can get a lot of debuff icons on you when fighting enemies. Annoying. Affected include (but probably not limited to); Shocked (Tech), Slowed (Tech), Crushed (Force), Poisoned (Physical).
* Certain actions miss description also in the english version. Aforementioned kick and; "Zyyskel" special attack (Belsavis), "Elshuu's Nightmare Warrior" special attack (Belsavis), Placing the bomb for detionation (Explosive Discontent, Dromund Kaas), "Captain Grimyk" special attack (Cademimu flashpoint, Republic), "Morgukai Cultist" and "Morgukai Chieftain" special attack (Nar Shaddaa). The other types of Morgukai it works flawlessly with though.
* During the final convo of Repelling Invasion (Balmorra Empire) helmets dissapeared. And that without being able to even use 'don't show helmets' (pref. players, no unlock bought).
* Vanguard Outpost (Balmorra, Empire) lacks a vendor droid.
* Certain weapons lack a proper description, like the Ilum turrets (on the big battlezone) or during the Battle of Ilum flahspoint (Republic, Hard); "acklay_droid_ranged_huttamingdroid" I got killed by.
* For Republic atleast (Consular ship), travelling to Hoth's animation seems broken. Tried both Fleet and Corscant, both time nothing happened when flying there, and exiting the ship showed landing on the Fleet/Coruscant. Did properly load Hoth afterwards though.
* Talking to Ciqala (Nar Shaddaa, Republic bonus) after accepting his quest gives a full cutscene mode look even though it's one line and should be a subsequent given during regular play.
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