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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
I agree, it does to me too! I'm can finally do some of those Voss Heroics that I skipped and get something I can use. (Mim helped me with a couple earlier that I attempted to solo but failed miserably--thanks, Mim!) But l like Voss--it's all autumnal and the Voss people look pretty cool. Wish they were a playable race with custom colors.

Looking forward to the Gree event, too. Not sure how long it is supposed to last, but heard it's a 'recurring' event. Not sure how that works, but it doesn't really matter. I'll find out when it starts. ;p

Suppose this is just the beginning and we can look forward to more reputation building organizations. Wonder if any of them will be in conflict with one another in future? Like if you help out the Gree, would it damage your reputation with the Hutt Cartel or something similar?

At any rate, it's something new to play with. Yay!

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