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Cool, the free month that comes with the game will definitely put me on that list then? I'm guessing that 1 month suscribed might also get me some Cartel Coins?
The game is free. You don't pay for the game. It's not a "free month", the month is what you're buying.
And yes, it will also grant 500 CC
I could get Preferred player status, then a friendly sub can trade me cartel items for in-game credits.
No, since as pref. player you can't send money, either with trade or mail. Only mails with COD will work.
Remember, this is real world money when we talk about cartel coins.
Not really, since they'll just buy it for you from the GTN. No CC for you, no CC for them.
Yes, it does limit availability somewhat, but no-one's paying any real money (well, the sub for his/her sub, but that's it)
you may as well just put down the money to buy the cartel coin packs anyway.
*most* (not all) cartel pack items are for sale on the GTN. Usually cheap, like the Speeder bike cheaper than even the lvl 2 from the store and it gets more speed the higher your speeder level.
And if you really need it, the packs itself are for sale too. Not too cheap though (usually around 200.000 credits).
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