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Just finished the game myself. I guess I've got mixed feelings on it as a whole. One of the biggest problems for me was the beginning, or rather how Isaac's story in DS3 started. It was completely actiony with practically zero horror involved. The space wrecks orbiting Tau Volantis were only a slight improvement and I can honestly say that when I ran into the Regenerators again I was "Well, how original, run from two Regenerators instead of just one!" rather than "Oh, crap!". I was, however, surprised by the complete absence of Infectors. Tau Volantis itself was a big improvement in atmosphere and the horror feel, but it was still nowhere near as scary as DS2, let alone DS1. DS3 definitely lost even more of that horror atmosphere, than DS2 did.

Story-wise, it's also a mixed bag, with quite a few inconsistencies.

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Overall, the game is OK. It's not the best horror game out there, or the best Dead Space game, but I'm far from calling it utter crap, although I do think there are some crappy things in it. Also, since I'm seeing ME3 comparisons - this game is definitely far above the level of crappy-ness that is Mass Effect 3, at least in my book.

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