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Balmorra Canyons

"I'll take care of Corsail, you guys get out of here"

Avriela made sure that Varik was securly on the bike before immediatly sending the bike through the imperial lines after Light. She couldn't help but wonder, what it possible that someone had informed the imperials that they had been there? Was it possible they had a spy in their midst?

She continued following Light's bike and she knew that she couldn't take her eyes off it but she felt she had to ask.

"Varik?" She asked quietly, "Are you alright?"


"As for what you could, and what was necessary. I'm glad I have you watching my back when I need it."

Zarev smiled at Per'dra as Vlalkor pushed past the two of them and headed into the cockpit. "I'm reading two speeder bikes heading for the Republic HQ at top speed." The trooper reported as he activated the shields and adjusted the Shan's course.

"I'm going to assume that would be Varik and the others. Moving to intercept. If they go near the HQ it's likely they'll become a target."

Zarev looked at Vlalkor and then at Per'dra. "And I'm glad that I have you to watch my back."

The Shan flew over the battleworn planet's surface and quickly came across the two speeder bikes. Vlalkor slowly flew over the two of them and adjusted the Shan's flight pattern so that the ramp would reach the ground while still allowing it to hover above the ground.

The ramp slowly lowered and Vlalkor appeared at the top once again. "Get onboard now!" He shouted down at Avriela and Light. We need to get going now!"
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