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Finished it, loved it, it ties in nicely with everything else in the franchise and makes a hell of a lot of sense... though granted, that's because I've bought into all of the extra source material including the books, comics, animated movies and side games/dlc which give you more information about the Dead Space lore.

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Finished it last night.
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That whole ending was pretty satisfying though, at least I though so. You actually felt like you were fighting for something instead of making ****ty decisions that made no sense.

@ igy: I've never seen Dead Space has a horror franchise considering it was based off of Resident Evil 4. I've always seen it as a tense action shooter that had you thinking about item use and conservation for the most part and what vantage points, tactics and weapons you can use in your environment to give you an upper-hand.

As to some of the things you've pointed out, I think I can explain a few of them...

Originality: There's a lot that's original about the game, but people don't tend to want originality, they want the first game reworked over and over which is why most people tend to be disappointed by Dead Space 2 and 3. I almost feel as if fans seem to want developers to cut out the story entirely and just have a game that randomises the original haunted house in infinite combinations so they can just play through that over and over.

Infectors: The Necromorphs in this game are old... and in some cases, ancient. I'm pretty sure every necromorph you encounter is at least 200+ years old. Also, infectors don't create the necromorphs, they're just there to make the transformation quick instead of over time. It took time for the Unitologists who killed themselves to turn into Necromorphs and when they did, they didn't turn into slashers instantly like an Infector created Necromorph is. I'm sure infectors were probably around on Tau Volantis but they probably turned into something else or combined with something else once they served their purpose.

Now for the spoiler stuff...

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As for the ending...
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The cover system: I had absolutely no issue with it, the human enemies were very few and far between and it was easy to dispose of them quickly (I was playing on Hard mode on my first run, starting Impossible right now...). The cover system actually worked pretty damn well, it worked well in situations when you needed to use it and it never interfered with the game at all since it was only enabled with human enemies in the area. You could crouch and roll whenever you wanted, but that wasn't part of the cover system. In fact, you can easily ignore it if you want and can head shot the Unitologists easily. The only downside with the human enemies I saw was the tone change or the cover system, it was the stupid AI that tended to just run toward you if they got the chance right into your fire.

As for the whole Mass Effect thing people are talking about... you guys are reaching. If anything, you should be thinking of Unicron Think about it.

And yeah, I'll say it one last time... lol @ people thinking Dead Space was ever a survival horror or horror to begin with. |

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