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Well... that SUCKED.

Lost power Friday night at 10. Just got it back on (Sunday morning at 5-ish.)

My bedroom: 38 degrees F. I've been bundled up fully dressed under 3 comforters just to stay warm.

Spent 3+ hours digging out yesterday... mainly just to get to my car and charge my phone. The snow drifts were chest high on me.

The snow here wasn't anywhere near as bad as some places around here though. One town got more than 40 inches.

I can't wait until this place warms up a bit more... because, DAYAMMMMMM... I need a shower badly!

Supposedly, there's a concert going on at work today. I won't be there. I found someone to cover for me.
I really doubt there's going to be any audience... it's a John Denver tribute show. His audience has to be mostly all little old ladies... 50+ years old... I can tell you, they won't be coming out tonight. There's no parking in Boston, and no public transit running at the moment. And still a lot of power outages in the towns around Boston.

But... The show must go on... Right?

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