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Originally Posted by VeniVidiVicous View Post
What I was basically trying to figure out is would buying the game on Origin obtain me a preferred player status?
I am not sure how to answer that one.. The retail copies you purchase come with 30 days free.. I don't know if Bioware/EA flag your account as a subscriber during that first 30 days or not.. If they do, then yes, when your 30 days expires, you will be bumped down to prefered..

One small clarification.. During the 30 days free play time.. You do not have any of the restrictions that go along with a F2P and a prefered status account.. You have all the options and freedoms of a subscriber.. I just don't know one way or the other if when that 30 days end, you are bumped down to F2P or prefered.. My guess is prefered..

Having said that, back in the day when you had to buy this game, part of the account setup process was setting up a payment option for a subscription.. You were not allowed to play the game until this process was complete.. I do not know if it still works that way.. Mind you subscription could also mean game time cards, so you didn't need a credit card.. If you did use a credit card, your subscription fee didn't start until AFTER the free 30 day period..

Since free to play has been released.. I don't know if what I have just said is still true..

I do know that you can download the game free, but there is no free 30 days attached to it.. It is just the game, and you are automatically setup as a free to play player..

I am sure this isn't much help, but it is all I have to offer..

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