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So many of the threads in here are so old I fear stepping into one and raising the dead.

I came here to see previous attempts to see models improved in the game. Not surprised most input here and elsewhere has been with retextures which is nice but increasing the resolution still isn't good enough to match Bioware's level of texturing. Increasing the resolution for textures here and there only makes everything else look bad in my opinion. 'tis why I avoid retextures unless they don't stick out like a sore thumb.

What needs to be done really is remake the models for the game, apply new 2013 ready UV maps and go for a very similar but much more detailed texture. No texture flipping on clothes to create that awful pattern effect where the ends meet. I'd like to just improve the existing models but the import process screws up the mesh (or modelling in those days wasn't as good, I don't know) and make it much harder to work with. Triangles are bad and what models I've seen each mesh is made of them.

What are modders able to replace? Are we able to replace the body mesh (like c_female) bind the rig again and will it still work? If it would still work, with animations working properly for a new mesh then I'd love to give the game a makeover. I know you can replace weapon meshes and I doubt that's too hard but being able to change clothing and armour would be awesome.

If that's possible and I'm able to replace character and weapon models with new UV maps and textures I might start thinking seriously about a project of which I could spend a lot of my time in as I have plenty of it, especially in the summer holidays.
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