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So it looks like my prayers have been answered with this new Gree event. They have legacy bound weapons and if by some miracle I can get a gun and a lightsaber then I can send anything across to all my alts. Don't want to use the weapons as they look like end game gear anyway. I swear the blaster is the Taung blaster you can get from the Tionese vendor. The armor looks pretty cool but I wonder how long before people get tired of the glow in the dark image.

I do have a question about the event. It seems to be for level 50 but when I got to Ilum and went to the western shelf I think its called it said my levels have been upped to a lvl 50. Does this mean a lowbie could go in there and do the dailies and events as well?

Plus I have a question about the security key. I want to purchase one and since I don't have a cell phone I have to get a physical one from Origin. When I tried it asked for my EA email and password. So do I need to get an EA account just to get a security key?

Plus bought a Phantom mask last night before I went offline. This morning in my mail I had a classic Phantom mask as well as classic stuff from other things I had bought. Personally I didn't see the difference in the 2 Phantom masks nor in the 2 Despot masks but oh well. And I like the new look of the Trailblazer armor as compared to the old one. Makes me wish I had bought a Phantom chestpiece instead tho.

Also went ahead and pre-ordered the exspanion pack.

And one last thing I wanted to add. My commando healer is now lvl 37 almost 38 and of course healer specced. I still had Priorty Targets I in my mission log and had already beaten the World Boss on Coruscant with a group so I needed the one on Taris.

Lo and behold noone is interested in the World Boss so I decided to tackle it myself. Since Elara is basically useless in this situation (or so I thought) I had her out anyways. It turns out whenever Taris Alpha kicked me thru the goalpost for the winning score he would then concentrate on Elara allowing me to heal myself in the process. This worked out really well until she died of course. But after long minutes and constant shooting with an occasional heal and flame grenade I managed to take him down by my lonesome. I know lvl 50's can do it but I felt proud of myself being lvl 37 and accomplishing this feat.

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