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My 1.7 report... part 1;
As expected, Ilum exploded after 1.7's release. 10 full instances? Server has trouble.

Overall dailies are fun. PvP still sucks. Not noticing you are flagged than getting gangbanged solo by 8 imperials isn't fun.
Aside from that, it's something new.

Some quirks though... to limit traffic on the heroic there are 5 points to do it. Good you say? Well, they planted 2 damn inside the PVP zone. And trust me, the Heroic is hard enough without having to worry about PvP groups killing you. So in reality, only 3 are in use, and one of them also has severe imperial raid parties hanging about.
Final result; it really only has 2 nodes, where constantly about 3+ groups battle for the spawns and useable items... :/

Also funny was we got a group to do the heroic, got 1/3, then our healer vanished. Returned a while later... "Guess they didn't fix the crashes"... After that went flawless though, excluding the lag.

And last annoying bug/quirk; In the north was a quest marker. You would think you have to go around there. There was a champion opponent there. Okay. Tried attacking it, insta-kill. Worst of it was that unlike other types of such defense you did need to pay repair costs. 5000 credits to waste due to a stupid marker being too high up. And the damn turret (why is it there anyway) being bugged.
Also seems repair costs gone up... might have to do with them fixing enchantments being in selling (and repair?) prices.

End of report of the first 2 hours with 1.7

part 2 (a few hours late);
My authorisation I mentioned before? I noticed it changed. It now says it's for the player char, not the account. Aargh. And worst is... it STILL DOESN'T work.

They also made changes to the GTN. "any" doesn't work anymore, you need "cheap or higher"... that it's the same exact thing makes no difference. They added a 3-char limit for search. So finding mod 7? Fat chance, can't search for 7 anymore, good luck finding 7 between pages of other mods.

They added new legacy unlocks. Ship teleport. Also 3 to make it from 18-1 hour. They are already pre-unlocked though. Wonder if BioWare is going to turn that back...

The "gree" pvp event on Ilum is horrible. Apparently the want people to contest in the middle. But all it leads to it's 12 enemies being bored waiting for respawn there. And sometimes you do get a group of 4 thinking it's fun to kill single people around. So much joy. I'll never do that daily ever again.

Also got a big ops group of about 10 people for the Heroic. So much hectic fighting. And somehow half the people never got stuff to update properly, making us fight way more than we really had to, and much trouble shooting was needed.

Aside that the usual with lag, players getting kicked and crashing.

It started with fun, but when the evening went on, I logged out being utterly annoyed. Mostly noticing my item change and the gtn. *sigh*
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