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Finished Dragonborn.

Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
The first and the last dragonborn tag-teaming in the war against dragons?
Looks like I assumed wrong. But at least by destroying his ass I proved myself to be the Mary Sue-est of them all.

A closer look at the dragon cult??
There was some of that.

I wonder if they'll explain why so many of the Nord dead are coming alive in their tombs..

Also, I thought St. Alessia was the first dragonborn?
Nothing on that, either, though I did find this bit of info on UESP regarding the matter:
Originally Posted by The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages
In response to confusion in the Bethesda Softworks Forums about the announcement of the first Dragonborn in the Dragonborn official plug-in who wasn't St. Alessia, Michael Kirkbride said: "Alessia didn't have the power to absorb dragon souls. Hers was a much more nuanced power: to dream of liberty and give it a name and on her deathbed make Covenant with the Aka-Tusk."
So presumably, there are two kinds of Dragonborn-ness (dragonbirth?): One is being a kind of a ceremonial symbol of the pact between god(s) and men, and the other is being the widely familiar "I (literally) eat dragons for breakfast" walking apocalypse.

The DLC: On the whole, I'd say I quite liked it. The new worldspace brought back that sense of wonder and exploration that's present when you play the game for the first time and in my opinion, the various locations in the DLC seemed a lot more unique and less rehashed as the many locations in the main game (likely due to the greater focus granted by the smaller developmental scale). I really liked the new music - it quite made the new area(s) feel related, but different to Skyrim (which reflects the lore rather well, imo, with Solstheim being once a part of Skyrim, and now a part of Morrowind).

Another thing I liked were the added dragon shouts. Dragon Aspect is probably the most visually impressive shout of all of them so far. I thought the 'summon ancient dragonborn' part of the shout's effects is a bit strange and out of place though, not to mention how it makes Call of Valor redundant.

One thing I especially loved about the DLC was Neloth. He's hilarious ("Malacath's toenails! Where did that come from?!"). It seems that, as with the locations, a smaller-scaled development allows the developers to actually add some characterization to their characters (Serana; Neloth).

I also really liked some of the new armors, specifically the Nordic Carved and the Stalhrim sets. I liked the Skaal outfits too - they seem so appropriately cosy for the climate (I incidentally had installed some warm-looking clothing mods for roleplaying purposes when first starting the DLC; I didn't end up using them because of the Skaal set).

Speaking of the Skaal, I liked them too. They seem like such lovely Nordic hippies - I wouldn't mind staying with them for a while. Enjoyed becoming a 'Skaal-friend'.

Frea seemed like an all too generic "my people" type, though.

What I didn't like was, as with Dawnguard and the main game, the almost complete lack of permutaional complexity in the storyline or dialogue. Your previous actions have almost no effect on your current endeavours. Only barely are there even dialogue lines acknowledging any such things. Example: Being the leader of the Companions of Whiterun has absolutely no reference in the quest with the members of the Thirsk Mead Hall, an almost identical organization. Being Archmage of the College of Winterhold grants you one dialogue option with Neloth, and completing the main game's questline yields you one pithy line from Miraak.

Another complaint is a gripe against the general game: There are no dialogue 'options' (or at least, a very little amount of 'options') - only dialogue, with the only difference being the order of which you say them. There are basically no characterization options for the player character in general.

I found the final boss battle to be rather anticlimatic. The style and the execution was acually quite enjoyable, but it was far too short for me.
(I suspect that some mod-acquired active effects may have made me too invulnerable, because Miraak barely made a dent. That said, I've faced dragon priests with the same set-up that have given me more of a challenge, and that Karstaag fellow damn near beat me to a pulp).

I should also say: I played the final battle with the ThuuMic program and shout-timers off, but I really don't believe that made me OP. All it did was make the battle feel *ridiculously* awesome (the 2 minutes of it, anyway). I absolutely recommend it to everyone. It's fun using it when fighting dragons, but it reaches a whole new level when you're fighting another Dragonborn, and you're "Fus Ro Dah" and "Fo Krah Diin"-ing them right back!

I encountered one game-breaking bug in the DLC. I fully recommend anyone who's playing the DLC on PC to get the Unofficial Dragonborn Patch before playing, or at least before doing the final main quest.

I can't get a handle on how much playtime the expansion gives, because i went about doing the quests in a very time-inefficient way, with a lot of waffling about in between. Thus, I got a decent amount of play-time out of it.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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