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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
lol damn...
yup its pretty freaky

Originally Posted by Keyan Farlander View Post
Good luck! Babies may seem like a lot of trouble at first, but enjoy them while they are all sweet and cute, before they grow up a little and get all mouthy
thanks! today might be the day....too early to tell

due date is the 21st but we been to labor and delivery for early labor once and it started up at like 3am this morning

we are both at work now though

Originally Posted by edlib View Post
Well... that SUCKED.

Lost power Friday night at 10. Just got it back on (Sunday morning at 5-ish.)

My bedroom: 38 degrees F. I've been bundled up fully dressed under 3 comforters just to stay warm.

Spent 3+ hours digging out yesterday... mainly just to get to my car and charge my phone. The snow drifts were chest high on me.

The snow here wasn't anywhere near as bad as some places around here though. One town got more than 40 inches.
yikes! my bro got tons too, but no power outage in E Walpole for him. he was uber hard to get ahold of all weekend though
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