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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by Lord Foley View Post
Their character arcs were pretty hastily undermined and brushed away
Their character arcs ended at the closing credits of KotOR and TSL respectively.

I loved TSL and KotOR was about the best video game ever its first playthrough, but neither is 1/1000 the video game TOR is. Jedi Knight story is as close to the KotOR feeling that you can get, but it is so much more. As much as I love TSL, the game has a major flaw in making Revan way more important than he/she should have ever been made. Not crazy about the way Revan was portrayed in TOR, but it is widely better than his/her portrayal in TSL.

As to the Exile, yes she is largely ignored, but I like it that way. That was my character and I hate when others try to go back and tell her motivations. I really wished they would have handle Revan in more of the same way. That said, the Exile is not completely ignored in the game. I thought what was in the Jedi Knight's companion story was very well done and the same can be said about a codex.

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